Heart of Hauden

Book One in the Harmony of the Othar Saga

Another longship slid out of the cold sea and crashed onto the sandy beach.  Laedian jumped from the prow and bent to scoop a handful of sand before she raised her eyes to a veil of shadow at the forest’s edge. 

She is Khe’kenha Othar!” a female voice said.

Yes, Sister, but like the others, she speaks with a discordant inner voice.  They carry the power, but they are alone, forgetting fellowship and service.

Not all of them,” a third voice said.  “At least one, a woman calling herself Avanian Triumon, now walks our land with consonance of thought.  I will make myself known to her, and begin her indoctrination.

“White joining red,” the second said aloud.  “How long will it be before black returns to silence the Khe’kenha Othar again, extinguishing the ancient fires?”

Book One

Desperate and dying, with their society plunged into chaos at the hands of the Plague Bringers, Laedian Fayersae has led her people to Hauden on the winds of a misunderstood foretelling.  Silent and fading, with their ancient fires extinguished at the hands of the Dasyu, whispers by the Ganien Mothers on Hauden keep the memory of a forgotten prophecy from going dark.  Thus, the accidental convergence of foretelling and prophecy begins the Harmony of the Othar Saga.

Animus of Hauden

Book Two in the Harmony of the Othar Saga

The serenity of the pink ribbon of clouds lining the northern horizon only amplified the destruction in the valley below them.  There wasn’t any need to drop a veil of shadow to cover their voices; only corpses would greet the sunrise.

“The red man and the white man have now become too few to aid us,” Graeblaoni said.

“Yes, Sister, but purging their bloodlust is necessary if they are to unify,” Violoni said.

Enwaten’nonh’Waktaniheke have returned,” Geloni said.  “There are no longer enough Shotak alive to drive those revenants from this land.  The Waktani have come too soon, and they will cross the mountains this time; none can stop them.”

 “The undead will oppose us more vigorously than the undying,” Violoni said.  “The Khe’kenha Othar must find and light all the ancient fires.  Without the strength of those eternal flames, our voices will forever be silenced from Hauden.”

Book Two

Destruction, hatred, death; the Darkening has awakened whispers long silent on Hauden, yet the grasping tendrils of prejudice threaten to choke the quiet voices of harmony before they can take root.  Laedian Fayersae’s long struggle to unify the Houses and the Nations has failed following the Shotak attack on Ofst and the Onayotek betrayal; and the Aktsi’a Othar fight to be heard amidst this cacophony of hatred as the heavy voice of discord soaks the soil with a drowning blood.  Deafened by a killing bloodlust, new threats creep across the land unheard, and the annihilation of the Houses and the Nations is certain unless Laedian can discover how to speak for all the peoples of Hauden.

Tongue of Hauden

Book Three in the Harmony of the Othar Saga

Seven concentric rings of sycamore trees encircle seven pillars of stone.  Thrust from the primordial void, these ancient pillars are untouched by the ravages of time, the rough stone still holding the whole of Hauden above the sea.  Within the circle of stone, seven Sisters quickly link their thoughts after being hastily called home on a panicked summons.

Calm yourself, Sister, we are here,” Violoni said to Blaoni.  “Do not let your despair add to the discord.

I would not have thought such a thing possible,” Graeblaoni said, her mind equally disturbed by Blaoni’s revelation that the Teotl of Blood had come to Hauden.

It is time to fight!” Geloni said, letting her eyes flare in unison with the amber stone hanging at her neck, her desire to subdue the anguish caused by Blaoni focusing the will of all seven.  “We can no longer remain passive, allowing our enemies to destroy our servants one-by-one.  It is time for us to walk the land openly.  It is time for us to fight!

“Our Sister brings voice to the correct path,” Violoni said aloud.  “While five of us remain unbroken, the Khe’kenha Othar must have our unwavering assistance.”

Book Three

Unity without strength, harmony without power - Hauden still weeps with the blood of slaughtered innocents.  Laedian Fayersae’s long struggle to unite the Houses and the Nations has succeeded, but despite her efforts that have ended the bloodlust, the cruel Dasyu and the ghastly Plague Bringers now vie for dominion over all, threatening to destroy the Othar of Hauden before they can coalesce around the power of the ancient fires.  With their decision to fight, the Aktsi’a Othar plant the seeds of a new hope, a hope that the Khe’kenha Othar will discover their true role as servants of the land.

Blood of Hauden

Book Four in the Harmony of the Othar Saga

Even from the top of Atonnhets, the sunrise brought no comfort to Graeblaoni. She used the strength of the fire to link with her Sisters, choosing not to call them hither, the ability to move across Hauden growing more difficult as their power waned with each breaking of a Sister.

Going to Gax to confirm for myself is the only way,” Graeblaoni said to the others. “We must know what we confront. We cannot fight rumors.

I wish you were wrong, Sister,” Violoni said. “Deep in our hearts, we know you are correct. Verifying is still prudent, however.

If you are, even the Shotak at the height of their power could not defeat this enemy,” Geloni said, and her cold assessment would have become despair if Violoni had allowed it to seep into their minds. “Tayenthon cannot be slain with mere numbers, even if men are found who are brave enough to stand and fight them.

You are correct,” Violoni said. “However, it is time for us to trust in others, and the providence of fate. Our days are passing, and it will not be we who decide the fate of the world. We must trust in the young Niwa’a Rawenniyo.”

Book Four

Time, that precious of all things, grows short. The Kayonkwe have ended their long exile and are returning to Hauden, and the young Niwa’a Rawenniyo continue to strengthen on the power of the ancient fires; however, the Dasyu and the Plague Bringers have been preparing for an age to begin their final battle to claim dominion over all the world. New allies and the maturing Niwa’a Rawenniyo will not be enough to stop the Dasyu armada that is racing toward Hauden, while the Plague Bringers wait patiently for the cold winds of winter to chill the courage of men.

Hand of Hauden

Book Five in the Harmony of the Othar Saga

Geloni turned away from the ring of stones surrounding O’Kenra. This fire no longer brought her strength, and she knew another now drew on its power. However, it had given her the strength to link with her Sisters one more time before she made her final journey to the land between the rivers. It was growing difficult to concentrate long enough to convey her thoughts, so she was quick.

Their forces are positioned, but they are not prepared,” she said to her Sisters.

The attack from the north has not yet come,” Graeblaoni said. “More return to Hauden. There is still hope.”

The Wight of Blood is still stronger,” Geloni said forcefully, her anger revealing this final truth to all her Sisters.

Sisters,” Violoni said, letting her waning will calm them. “We must trust their fortitude now. This is their fight, not ours. We have given them all we could, our guidance bringing them to today. The power of the land now resides within them. They will call upon the power of the elements to aid them when the time comes. Come Geloni, stand beside me with your broken Sisters and be content. Your time grows short, if the fates are benevolent.”

Book Five

The young Niwa’a Rawenniyo wait to see if the Khe’kenha Othar have the ability to harness the power of the elements and become true servants. Laedian leads the Khe’kenha Othar at her side north into the Waste, a bold attempt to take the war directly to the Wight of Blood and the Plague Bringers. The fate of Hauden now rests with Laedian’s daring decision. All who resist the evil creations of the Dasyu Hierarchy await the outcome of Laedian’s desperate act while the Dasyu prepare to extinguish the fires of Hauden, ending all resistance.