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Musings of the Othar
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Copywrite Harmony of the Othar Saga
Othar Saga by P.A. Seasholtz
Animus of Hauden
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Heart of Hauden
Animus of Hauden

Desperate and dying, with their society plunged into chaos at the hands of the Plague Bringers, Laedian Fayersae has led her people to Hauden on the winds of a misunderstood foretelling.  Silent and fading, with their ancient fires extinguished at the hands of the Dasyu, whispers by the Ganien Mothers on Hauden keep the memory of a forgotten prophecy from going dark.  Thus, the accidental convergence of foretelling and prophecy begins the Harmony of the Othar Saga.

Harmony of the Othar Saga

P.A. Seasholtz